Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 Day's in and the Work is Only Getting Harder and Harder

As usual we were all up bright and early ready to build! And today was the hardest day yet. Kyleigh, Bill, Dave, and Raof all worked on one of the houses that was in the framing stage of construction and needed to nail plywood walls onto the sides of the house, cut out windows, and nail two by fours to the bottom of the house which called for a whole lot of hammering and lifting. On the other hand Annie and Beverly finished the Facia along the edge of the roof of another house, which was the last finishing touch for the roof then spent the rest of the day dismantling and rebuilding scaffolding, caulking, and Annie started on the siding of a different house. After work we loaded into the van and headed over to the Bilxi shore side souvenir shop and looked at all the unique trinkets and such. Then we headed to Antioch, showered, and had a long dinner ending in an amazing dessert. We had homemade chocolate candy with walnuts, which were absolutely amazing, and our favorite homemade ice cream cake. Really tired from our long day of work we spent the rest of the night playing our new favorite game Scruples! The fact that tomorrow will be our last day in Biloxi is bittersweet and we all feel this trip has gone by too fast.

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