Monday, March 22, 2010

Before returning to IU, we stopped at Nashville, TN for a day. After a week of manual labor, all of us slept in until 10am. After we packed up the van, we headed to Loveless Cafe for some brunch food. This cafe is featured on Food Network and Travel Channel so we had to check it out. After half an hour drive to the cafe, we found out that the wait was 1hr and 30mins long for a table. In order to kill time, we went to all the gift shops that were located in the same square. After 1 hour and 40 mins wait, our buzzer finally went off. After being seated at the table, the server brought out Loveless' famous biscuits. The wait was justified. After leaving the cafe, our next stop was the Belle Meade Plantation. 3/4 of the winning horses at the Kentucky Durby can be traced back to this plantation. Stepping into the front door was like stepping into a timemachine, which took us back to the early 18th century. After a guided tour of the mansion, we headed to downtown Nashville. Since the weather was beautiful, we walked around downtown and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries. Our last stop of the day was at Cafe Coco, a cafe that serves amazing menu items. Located right outside of Vanderbuilt University, the cafe was crowded by college students. Needless to say, the food was incredible. After we finished dinner, we hopped back into the van and drove back to Bloomington. After a long week of hard work, nothing can beats sleeping in my own bed once again.

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