Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Rainy Start on St. Patty's Day

Today started out a bit rainy so we had a slight delay and started work at 10:00 AM. While we waited for the rain to clear we played Scruples and got the chance to learn a lot about each other. Once we finally made it to our work site Kyleigh, Bill, and Dave finished up the shingles on the roof and prepared for the work that would need to be done tomorrow. Beverly and Annie continued to work on the Soffit along the edges of the roof, and finally finished it by the end of the workday and Raof was all over the worksites doing odd jobs at each of the houses. Unfortunately, we all failed to wear green for the holiday although the volunteers from Massachusets were all spirited enough to make up for our mistake. After getting home to Antioch, showering, and having an amazing dinner of chicken, rice, and ice cream cake dessert we headed over to Island Stikz and played two intense games of bowling where Dave was the champion of both. After bowling we were all tired from our long day of work and went straight to bed.

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