Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our First Day of Work

Today we got an early morning start and loaded up on banana pancakes, eggs, and sausage to prepare us for our first long day of work. All dressed and ready to build we headed to our worksite and were all assigned seperate jobs. There are three houses all at different stages of construction at our worksite and we all worked on each of them. Raof worked on a house that was in the very early stages of construction and helped build the framing for the walls. Bill, Dave, and Kyleigh nailed the shingles onto the roof of another house, and Beverly and Annie installed insulation under one of the houses and nailed plastic sheets under the roof which covered the bottom and helped with insulation. We worked with a group of volunteers from Massachusets who were also working for Habitat during their spring break. The weather was beatiful and maybe even a little warm, especially for those working on a roof, and our first day went very smoothly. At the end of the work day we headed home to shower and eat dinner and cozied up for a game of Taboo (our favorite).

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